Lake Guntersville Area Resources

County and Municipalties

Marshall County Commission

Jackson County Commission

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office (256) 582-2034

Marshall Medical Center Hospital (256) 571-8000

Marine Division (256) 582-2034

Animal Control (256) 582-4744

Poison Control (800) 222-1222

City of Albertville (256) 891-8200

City of Arab (256) 586-8128

City of Boaz – (256) 593-9537

City of Douglas

Grant City Hall (256) 728-2007

City of Guntersville (256) 571-7560

Scottsboro City Hall (256) 259-4161



Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham, Albertville, AL (256) 279-9351

Quality Inn, Albertville, AL (256) 891-2600

Quality Inn, Arab, Al (256) 586-1314

Jameson Inn, Arab, Al (256) 586-5777

Ruth Mountain Bed & Breakfast, Arab, Al (256) 586-7848/ (256) 426-2590

Econo Lodge, Boaz, Al (256) 298-5252

Wyndham Garden Lake, Guntersville, Al (256) 582-2220

Lakeside Inn, Guntersville, Al (256) 582-3200

Hampton Inn, Guntersville, Al (256) 582-4176

State Park Lodge, Guntersville, Al (256)571-5440

Lake Guntersville Bed & Breakfast, Guntersville, Al (256) 505-0133


Golf Courses

Gunters Landing, Guntersville, Al (256) 582-3000

Eagle’s Nest Golf Course , Guntersville AL, (256) 571-5458

Willow Brook Golf Course, Albertville, Al (256) 679-9818

Brookside Golf Course, Arab, AL (256) 586-5765

Lifepoint Disc Golf Course, Albertville, AL (256) 891-5252

Clear Creek Golf Club, Boaz AL, (256) 593-5501

Big Spring Lake Golf Club, Albertville, Al (256) 878-4403

Cherokee Ridge Golf Club, Union Grove, AL (256) 841-4551

Arab Disc Golf Course (256) 586-6793

Twin Lakes Golf Course Arab, Al, (256) 586-3269

Goose Pond Colony Lake Course, Scottsboro, Al (256) 912-0063

Hampton Cove Golf Course, Hampton Cove, Al (256) 551-1818


Boat Launches, Public Piers, Camp Grounds

Alred Marina  256-582-4400 X M P X A X

Beech Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Big Spring Creek Small Wild Area (800-882-5263) * M

Brown’s Creek Sailing Marina (256-582-2713) X M A P

Browns Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Buck Island Small Wild Area (800-882-5263) * M

Bucks Pocket State Park (256-659-2000) E D X X A P P X M C O M

Cave Mountain Small Wild Area (800-882-5263) * M

Comer Bridge Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Crow Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

East Lake Park and Ramp (256-571-7590) X A

Goosepond Colony (256-259-2884) E N G D M C X X M P C X A P P C B P H M X C O X

Guntersville Boat Mart (256-582-2038) X M X X

Guntersville Dam Reservation (800-882-5263) * X A P M

Guntersville Levee Trail (256-571-7590) M

Guntersville Marina M P X A

Guntersville Municipal Park (256-571-7590) X X A P P C B P X M C

Guntersville Municipal Park – Wyeth Drive (256-571-7590) X X

Hideaway Park (256-571-7590) A P P C

Honeycomb Campground (256-582-9884) E N D C X X M A P P B

Honeycomb Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Honeycomb Creek Small Wild Area (800-882-5263) * M

Jackson County Park (256-574-4719) X X M P C X A P X M

Jackson County Sportsman’s Club (256-574-5682) X A P

Lake Guntersville Sailing Center (256-582-7200) X M P C

Lake Guntersville State Park (256-571-5444) E N D M C X X X A A P P C B X M X O M X

Lakeside Resort Campground (256-582-8051) E X M P C P X

Langston Recreation Area X

Little Mountain Marina Camp Resort (256-582-1280) E C X M A P P C P X

Marshall County Park #1 (256-582-4744) E N D X X A P B X

Marshall County Park #2 (256-571-7701) E D X X A P X

Mink Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X A

Mountain Lakes Resort (256-582-5556) E N C X X M A P P C P X X

Mud Creek Fish Camp P X

Mud Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

North Sauty Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

North Sauty Hwy 79 Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Ossawintha Resort (256-582-4595) E C X X M P A P P C B M

Preston Recreation Area (800-882-5263) * X A

Raccoon Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Rescue Squad Ramp (256-571-7590) X X

Riverbend Marina (256-673-3755) X X M P

Riverview Campground (256-582-3014) E X M A P P C B

Scottsboro Municipal Park (256-259-0999) X A P X M

Seibold Creek Campground and Marina (256-582-0040) E D X X M A P C B P X

South Pittsburg Municipal Park (423-837-7511) X A P P

South Sauty Creek Campground and Marina (256-582-6157) E D M X X M X P X X

South Sauty Creek Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Spring Creek Marina (256-582-4821) C X M X

State Highway 431 Ramp X X

Steel Ford Ramp (256-571-7590) X A

Street’s Bluff Campground E X X

Sunrise Marina (256-582-8087) X M C X TVA

Honeycomb Ramp (800-882-5263) * X X

Town Creek Ramp (Bellefonte) (800-882-5263) * X X

Val Monte Lakeside Resort and Marina (256-582-1000) M X M P X A P C B P X X

Waterfront Grocery Ramp (334-242-3471) X

Wyeth Park (256-571-7590) A P P C

*Key for letter abbreviations are shown here   camping, lodging, showers, boat- ramps, marina, gas, picnic shelter, playground, swimming area, fishing piers, trails, golf courses, visitor’s center & restaurants

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